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Complete Google Adwords Training Course in New Delhi

Google Adwords Institute in Delhi

Google AdWords is an online advertising service platform. With the help of this platform, businessmen can reach the ads of their products or services to the viewers. And they easily give advertisement of their business. Google AdWords helps anyone can show the advertisement of their website. In this platform, some keywords are used to show the ads on the website. When you connect your website with Google AdWords then, whenever anyone searches for information regarding their websites, Google will help them to show your site’s ads on the right side of your website. These methods will help in increasing traffic to your websites.

Whenever a viewer searches something on the web browser using keywords related to your ads, then Google will show the advertiser’s ads on its searched websites which the user has opened. And when a user hits on the ads. And when it comes to the advertiser’s website, it has to pay Google.

know some important facts about Google AdWords are as follows

  • for online direct marketing PPC is the greatest way.
  • When you compare SEO and PPC You found PPC method is fast and correct.
  • those Who want to acquire online marketing in time, PPC is the best option for the start-up.
  • Several PPC experts get high payments from big and reputed companies.

What is the Google AdWords course?

As we know that it it is very easy to work in Google AdWords, some keywords are used to work on it, for which it is very important to know how the keyword is created, and how it works. If you are ready to learn this course very well, then you are in a very good place, you should join our course to learn this. You will be taught everything from the beginning in the Google AdWords course, you will be taught how to set up your website with Google ads., and how you can increase traffic on your website. This course is taught by both methods, online and offline. Students can choose according to their wish, which method they like more, and they complete their course by choosing which method they like, this course is based on the practical method that the students learn everything easily and apply it in their future and make their future bright.

Highlight key Features of the Google AdWords course

  • Course duration – depending on the institute
  • Live project training
  • 100% job-oriented training
  • Industry expert faculty
  • Customized syllabus
  • Best fees structure
  • Provide doubt clear sessions
  • Free demo class available

To whom Google Ads training is suitable?

This course is suitable for those who want to learn this course from the bottom of their heart. But some names are mentioned below-

  • Freshers
  • Housemakers
  • Digital marketers
  • Professionals
  • Advertising professionals
  • Business owners
  • Freelancers
  • It professionals

What eligibility required to do this course

  • Any graduate students
  • Diploma holder
  • Having basic computer skill
  • Having knowledge of social media
  • Basic communication skills
  • Having knowledge about business and marketing.

Why you chose the KWT Google Ads Training course in Delhi

  • We have PPC Expert trainers who provide excellent training classes.
  • With the live project training, our PPC Training Institute will offer a better learning experience to the candidate.
  • Our institute provides both classes that are online and offline classes.
  • Our institute holds the hands of the candidates till they do not get the placements
  • Provides Google AdWords certificate
  • 100% job Assistance.
  • Our course is based on industry-relevant
  • Periodic evaluation and providing true feedback
  • Provide successful completion.

Benefits of Google AdWords Training Course in Offline/Classroom Training

Google AdWords training course will be taught to you in the offline/classroom by an expert teacher

  • Provide a laptop to work on a real-time project
  • Provide free material and take mock test
  • Provide backup classes for doubt
  • Provide various tools for teaching the course
  • Provide internship opportunities
  • 100% placement Assistance
  • Provide certificate for completion of the course.

What job opportunities get after Google AdWords Course in Delhi

Below are some potential job opportunities after completing a Google AdWords Course:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Specialist
2. Paid Search Analyst
3. Digital Marketing Manager
4. Social Media Strategist
5. Digital Advertising Manager
6. PPC (Pay Per Click) Strategist
7. AdWords Campaign Manager
8. Advertising Account Manager
9. Web Analytics Specialist
10. Online Marketing Consultant


1. Introduction to Google AdWords
2. Setting Up Your Account
3. Creating Your First Campaign
4. Types of AdWords Campaigns
5. Ad Formats and Ad Extensions
6. Writing Ads That Get Results
7. Keywords and Targeting Options
8. Using AdWords Tools and Reports
9. Optimizing Your Campaigns
10. Advanced Google AdWords Tactics
11. Automating AdWords with Automated Rules
12. Managing Multiple AdWords Accounts
13. AdWords Best Practices and Troubleshooting
14. Introduction to Mobile Advertising
15. Introduction to Shopping Advertising
16. Introduction to Video Advertising
17. Introduction to Display Advertising
18. Introduction to Remarketing
19. Introduction to Conversion Optimizer
20. Introduction to Dynamic Search Ads


1. Introduction to Google Adwords: Overview of Adwords, How it Works, Adwords Account and Interface, Setting Up an Adwords Account

2. Creating an Advertising Campaign: Defining Campaign Goals, Campaign Structure, Keyword Research, Ad Creation, Bidding Strategies

3. Adwords Targeting Options: Setting Locations, Languages and Devices, Demographics, Audience Targeting, Placement Targeting

4. Adwords Performance and Optimization: Analyzing Performance, Improving Quality Scores, Optimizing Ads, A/B Testing, Optimizing Campaigns

5. Advanced Adwords Strategies: Display Advertising, Video Advertising, Remarketing, Shopping Ads, Mobile Advertising

6. Measuring Results and Reporting: Tracking Conversions, Multi-Channel Conversion Tracking, Creating Reports, Improving Results

7. Adwords Certification: Preparing for the Certification Exam, Exam Overview, Exam Preparation Tips, Exam Questions and Answers

AdWords Metrics

  1. Cost Per Click (CPC)
  2. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  3. Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
  4. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  5. Quality Score
  6. Conversion Rate
  7. Average Position
  8. Impression Share
  9. Search Impression Share
  10. Average Cost-Per-Click (Avg. CPC)
  11. Search Lost Impression Share
  12. Search Lost IS (Rank)
  13. View Through Conversions (VTC)
  14. Ad Relevance
  15. Ad Recall Rate
  16. Display Network CTR (DNT)
  17. Display Network CPM (DNM)
  18. Display Network RPM (RPM)
  19. Display Network Viewable CPM (VPM)
  20. Conversion Tracking and Optimization
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