Graphic Designing Course Training in New Delhi

Do you want to make yourself creative and visionary, do you have the ability to do some creativity? So, if you are looking for an institution that can enhance your creativity, then you have come to the right place because our institution is the best in Graphic Design Courses in Delhi. In our institute, this course is taught by an expert, that too with updated teaching tools. Which is the upcoming change in the field of graphic design the students can easily coordinate and make their future better in graphic design.

• Provide real-time experts as trainers

• Provide live projects

• Certification

• Affordable fees

• Flexibility of time

• Placement support and many more.

Course highlights

  • To match the global requirement courseware is designed by the expert.
  • Our KWT Digital institution covers all the concepts of Graphic design from the fundamentals.
  • Graphic design training in Delhi at KWT Digital institution taught with industry-relevant tools.
  • Our expert professional taught the students by describing all the elements of Graphic Design.
  • We are taken affordable fees from the students and provide certificates for the successful completion of the course.
  • Learn the course with smart classes.
  • Regular sessions will be taken
  • 100% placement assistance
  • We assist our students after the completion of the course.
  • To know about more our institution contacts, us at the given numbers and on the website also.

Job opportunities after the Graphic Design course in Delhi

As we know that in today’s time, people spend more and more of their time on the Internet. Peoples are very busy, but whenever they get time, they like to watch films, pay a bill, listen to music, play game, and do many things they do through the internet. People like to see anything if it is well presented so graphic designs have a huge role in giving all these important features, so you can understand that there are a lot of job opportunities in Graphic design such are follows.

  • Web design studios
  • Advertising Agencies
  • E-learning companies
  • Graphic Design Studio
  • Website development studios
  • Tv and multimedia production houses
  • Print and publication houses (newspapers and magazines)

What you will learn in Graphic Design training in Delhi at KWT Digital Institution

  • Learn all fundamental skills that are necessary for a graphic design
  • learn how to apply the color theory
  • learn how to use Digital and Virtual painting box
  • learn how to do conveying the message through typography and image-making
  • know how to use Photoshop filters
  • learn how to do layout, alignment, and composition of the images.
  • Learn all about various graphic designing tools
  • Understand the logo and brand designing
  • Able to do many creative things such as create business cards, flyers, brochures, and web graphics

Important key feature of the Video Editing Training Course

• Live project training

• 100% job-oriented training

• Industry expert faculty

• Customized syllabus

• Best fees structure

• Provide doubt clear sessions

• Free demo class available

What are the important benefits of Graphic Designing training courses in Offline/ classroom Training?

Graphic Designing training course will be taught to you in offline/classroom by our expert teacher

  • Provide a laptop to work on a real-time project
  • Provide free material and take mock test
  • Provide backup classes for doubt
  • Provide various tools for teaching the course
  • Provide internship opportunities
  • 100% placement
  • certificate for completion of the course.

Why you chose the Graphic Designing training course by KWT Experts

  • Graphic Designing training courses are designed to meet the global industry requirement.
  • Only professional teachers will teach this Graphic Designing training
  • Give a fully smart classroom to the students and provide study material too.
  • You will be learning this course through a live project from time to time so that you can better understand how Graphic Designing training.
  • Your classes will be taken regularly and the tool teaching will be updated from time to time so that you can be taught well.
  • The Graphic Designing training course is designed to deliver a clear knowledge of Video Editing training and how to apply it.
  • You will be given flexible time and very few students will be taught in one batch so that teachers can teach the students with proper attention.
  • Here this course is taught at a very affordable fee and provides a certificate for the completion of the course.
  • KWT institution is the best Graphic Designing training in Delhi which also provide placement assistants and this institution supports their students to obtain their goal.

Training Profile of KWT Digital

  • At KWT, we provide our candidates with both theoretical and practical knowledge about Graphic Designing training.
  • In all Graphic Designing training our trainers are experts and professionals.
  • Our experts try to give industry-relevant skills to the students.
  • Our institution always tries to give its attention to every student.
  • At KWT, expert teachers are taught the students with updated teaching tools to enhance the knowledge/ skills of the students.
  • We keep helping our students till they achieve their careers.


  1. Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. Introduction to Adobe Creative Suite
  3. Design Fundamentals
  4. Typography
  5. Color Theory
  6. Image Manipulation
  7. Vector Graphics
  8. Logo Design
  9. Layout and Composition
  10. Branding and Identity
  11. Digital Illustration
  12. Motion Graphics
  13. Responsive Design
  14. User Interface Design
  15. Web Design
  16. Portfolio Development
  17. Professional Practices
  18. Design for Social Impact


Module 1: Introduction to Graphic Design

  • Basics of Graphic Design
  • Design Elements and Principles
  • Types of Graphic Design
  • Graphic Design Tools

Module 2: Typography

  • Introduction to Typography
  • Anatomy of Type
  • Fonts, Faces and Type Families
  • Kerning, Leading and Tracking
  • Type Design and Layout

Module 3: Color Theory

  • Introduction to Color Theory
  • Color Psychology
  • Color Systems and Models
  • Color Harmonies and Schemes
  • Color in Design

Module 4: Image Editing

  • Introduction to Image Editing
  • Image Formats and Resolution
  • Image Manipulation Basics
  • Retouching, Enhancing and Editing Images

Module 5: Layout and Composition

  • Introduction to Layout and Composition
  • Page Layout Basics
  • Understanding Grids and Layout
  • Working with Visual Hierarchy
  • Creating Visual Balance

Module 6: Logo Design

  • Introduction to Logo Design
  • Logo Design Process
  • Designing a Logo from Scratch
  • Logo Design Styles
  • Logo Design Guidelines

Module 7: Print Design

  • Introduction to Print Design
  • Design for Print Media
  • Working with Color for Print Media
  • Pre-Press Process
  • Types of Printing

Module 8: Digital Design

  • Introduction to Digital Design
  • Design for Digital Media
  • Working with Color for Digital Media
  • Design Guidelines for Digital Media
  • Responsive Design

Module 9: Web Design

  • Introduction to Web Design
  • Designing for the Web
  • Principles of User Interface Design
  • Designing for Mobile Devices
  • Animation and Interactivity

Module 10: Branding

  • Introduction to Branding
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Brand Strategy and Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines and Standards
  • Brand Management
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