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Our KWT Institute is famous all over Delhi for its Website designing course, here this course has been designed keeping in mind student has different abilities, this course is for those students who heartedly want to develop a website and want to learn the skill set of web app making. This course is designed keeping in mind the latest technical aspects of designing.

If you want to make yourself a name in some different sector in the future, then definitely do this course of ours and take your future to the bright light. After gaining this skill, not only you will be able to work in a reputed organization, but you will also be able to start your own business. you can also do it and make your name and grow your own business further.

Our institute tries to teach website designing courses from basic to advance, this course is taught by professionals, too through updated teaching tools, smart classes, and live projects so that every candidate can understand it well and in their future life can use it.

What is website design?

Website design is a simple process in which we plan to create a website keeping in mind several facts and then according to that plan, we provide shape and colors to the website. When we are designing a website, not only attention is paid to its color and appearance, but all the information and contents available on the website are also taken care of, including how they will be visible to the user and how they will work.

We say a good designer to that who has taken care of what the user wants to see on his website and his primary goal is to understand and fulfill the requirements and fulfill the all requirements of the customers. This is only possible to do when the website is planned in a good way, quality content is provided, and necessary multimedia such as images, video, animation, etc. is used.

In other words, it is a process of designing the web page of the website, in which many technical terms are used, this process is called web designing. Arranging web pages, content, content creation, content design, page layout, graphic designing, etc. all are called web designing.

Any website or web page is made with the help of hypertext markup language, whose abbreviation is HTML, it is a computer language whose structure is in the form of coding. A web designer does a beautiful website design course using HTML Language to design we.

Prominent features of our course

• Our course is well-designed and based on industry relevant curriculum

• Taught by experienced and dedicated faculty members

• Provide live projects, smart classes, and many more.

• Time-to-time evaluation and true feedback

• Placement assistance.


1. Introduction to Web Design
2. HTML Basics
3. CSS Basics
4. Responsive Web Design
5. Designing for Mobile
6. Creating Web Graphics
7. Designing with Color
8. Typography and Layout
9. Web Accessibility
10. Working with Content Management Systems
11. SEO Basics
12. User Experience Design
13. Troubleshooting and Testing
14. Design Principles and Best Practices
15. Publishing and Maintenance


1. Introduction to Web Design
2. Client-Side Programming
3. HTML and CSS Basics
4. HTML5 and CSS3
5. Responsive Web Design
6. Graphics and Multimedia
7. User Interface Design
8. Web Standards and Accessibility
9. Search Engine Optimization
10. Web Analytics
11. JavaScript and jQuery
12. Server-Side Programming
13. Database Design and Development
14. E-Commerce Solutions
15. Social Media Integration
16. Project Management
17. Testing and Debugging
18. Security and Privacy
19. Content Management Systems
20. Mobile Web Design


There are different types of web design courses such as diplomas, graduates in web designing, online diplomas, etc. the duration of the course also varies it may be 6 months to 1 year. In some condition, it may be 1 year to 2 years, but in this case, it becomes necessary for the candidate to pass 10th or 12th only then after the candidate are eligible for the course of this period.

If you are doing this course at our institute, you will get many benefits. The candidates prefer to go with this curse to have exposure to the global market and better career options.

• Golden opportunities to put your creativity in front of the world

• Learn how to earn

• Know global market information

• Learn the skills of photo video making

• Biggest achievement in the world of the internet.

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