Content Marketing Training Institute in New Delhi

content marketing course in uttam nagar

Module 1: Introduction to Content Marketing

-Learn the fundamentals of content marketing
-Understand its history and the current landscape
-Explore different strategies and tactics
-Become familiar with various tools

-What is Content Marketing?
-Role of Content Marketing in Digital Marketing
-History of Content Marketing
-Strategic Content Planning and Execution
-Content Optimization
-Content Curation
-Content Distribution and Promotion
-Content Measurement and Analysis

Module 2: Researching and Planning Your Content

-Learn how to conduct research and generate content ideas
-Develop content ideas based on research
-Explore different types of content

-Developing Buyer Personas and Understanding Audience Needs
-Research Tools and Techniques
-Content Themes and Creating an Editorial Calendar
-Exploring Different Types of Content

Module 3: Content Production and Design

-Learn how to produce various types of content
-Understand how to design content for maximum impact
-Discover content production tips and best practices

-Creating Quality Content
-Writing for the Web
-Creating Visual Content
-Content Distribution Prep

Module 4: Content Measurement and Analysis

-Learn how to monitor the
performance of content
-Understand how to measure the success of content
-Discover different tools and techniques for content analytics

-How to Measure Content Marketing Success
-Tools and Techniques for Content Analysis
-Analyzing Content Performance
-Creating Reports
-Optimizing Content Performance

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