Google Analytics Training in New Delhi

google analytics course training in new delhi uttam nagar

Course Title: Google Analytics Training

Module 1: Introduction to Google Analytics

  • Understanding the importance of web analytics in digital marketing
  • Overview of Google Analytics and its features
  • Setting up a Google Analytics account and website tracking code
  • Navigating the Google Analytics interface

Module 2: Google Analytics Setup and Configuration

  • Configuring goals and conversions in Google Analytics
  • Setting up filters and segments for data analysis
  • Linking Google Analytics with other Google products (e.g., Google Ads, Search Console)
  • Implementing enhanced tracking features (e.g., cross-domain tracking, event tracking)

Module 3: Understanding Google Analytics Reports

  • Exploring the different types of reports in Google Analytics (e.g., Audience, Acquisition, Behavior)
  • Analyzing key metrics and dimensions in each report
  • Interpreting data to gain insights into website performance and user behavior
  • Customizing reports and creating dashboards for easy data visualization

Module 4: Audience Analysis with Google Analytics

  • Understanding audience segmentation and demographics data
  • Analyzing user behavior, interests, and engagement metrics
  • Exploring user acquisition and behavior flow reports
  • Utilizing cohort analysis to understand user retention and behavior patterns

Module 5: Acquisition Analysis with Google Analytics

  • Analyzing traffic sources and channels to measure marketing effectiveness
  • Evaluating the performance of organic search, paid search, social media, and referral traffic
  • Tracking campaign performance with UTM parameters and campaign tagging
  • Exploring the Behavior Flow report to understand user journeys and conversion paths

Module 6: Behavior Analysis with Google Analytics

  • Analyzing website content and page-level metrics
  • Understanding user engagement metrics (e.g., bounce rate, time on page)
  • Evaluating site search data to understand user intent and preferences
  • Utilizing event tracking and virtual pageviews for enhanced behavior analysis

Module 7: E-commerce Tracking with Google Analytics

  • Setting up e-commerce tracking for online stores
  • Analyzing product performance, sales funnels, and transaction data
  • Implementing enhanced e-commerce features (e.g., product impressions, shopping behavior analysis)
  • Utilizing goal tracking and multi-channel funnels for e-commerce analysis

Module 8: Conversion Tracking and Goal Measurement

  • Defining and setting up goals for different website actions
  • Implementing goal tracking for conversions, sign-ups, and downloads
  • Analyzing goal completion data and conversion rates
  • Utilizing attribution models to understand the impact of different channels on conversions

Module 9: Advanced Features and Customization

  • Exploring advanced features in Google Analytics, such as custom dimensions and metrics
  • Utilizing custom reports and advanced segments for deeper analysis
  • Implementing event tracking for user interactions and micro-conversions
  • Creating custom alerts and intelligence events for real-time monitoring

Module 10: Google Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Understanding the role of Google Analytics in data-driven decision making
  • Leveraging data insights to optimize marketing strategies and website performance
  • Creating actionable reports and presenting data to stakeholders
  • Discussing emerging trends and future developments in Google Analytics
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