Search Engine Marketing Training in New Delhi

search engine marketing course in uttam nagar

Course Title: Search Engine Marketing Training

Module 1: Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

  • Understanding the importance and benefits of SEM in digital marketing
  • Overview of search engines and their role in online advertising
  • Differentiating between organic and paid search results
  • Exploring the components of a search engine results page (SERP)

Module 2: Keyword Research and Analysis

  • Conducting keyword research for SEM campaigns
  • Utilizing keyword research tools and techniques
  • Identifying high-value keywords with commercial intent
  • Analyzing keyword competition and search volume

Module 3: Google Ads Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Google Ads platform and its features
  • Setting up a Google Ads account and campaign structure
  • Understanding campaign types (e.g., search, display, video)
  • Navigating the Google Ads interface and campaign settings

Module 4: Ad Copywriting and Ad Extensions

  • Writing compelling ad copy that attracts clicks and conversions
  • Implementing best practices for writing effective ad headlines and descriptions
  • Utilizing ad extensions to enhance ad visibility and engagement
  • A/B testing ad variations for optimal performance

Module 5: Bid Management and Budgeting

  • Understanding the bidding system in Google Ads
  • Implementing bidding strategies (e.g., manual bidding, automated bidding)
  • Setting budgets and bid adjustments for campaigns
  • Monitoring and optimizing bids for maximum return on investment (ROI)

Module 6: Ad Quality and Relevance

  • Optimizing landing pages for ad relevance and quality score
  • Understanding the concept of quality score and its impact on ad performance
  • Improving ad quality through relevance and user experience
  • Utilizing ad testing and optimization techniques

Module 7: Display Advertising and Remarketing

  • Exploring display advertising options in Google Ads
  • Creating effective display ad campaigns
  • Implementing remarketing campaigns to target previous website visitors
  • Utilizing targeting options and ad formats for display advertising

Module 8: Performance Tracking and Analytics

  • Setting up conversion tracking and goals in Google Ads
  • Utilizing Google Analytics to track and analyze campaign performance
  • Monitoring key performance metrics (e.g., click-through rate, conversion rate)
  • Generating reports and insights to optimize campaign performance

Module 9: Local Search Advertising

  • Understanding the importance of local search for businesses
  • Implementing local search advertising campaigns
  • Utilizing Google My Business and location extensions for local ads
  • Optimizing ad targeting and bidding for local search campaigns

Module 10: Campaign Optimization and Testing

  • Strategies for optimizing SEM campaigns for better performance
  • Conducting A/B testing for ads, landing pages, and targeting
  • Implementing campaign experiments and optimization techniques
  • Staying updated with industry trends and best practices in SEM
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