tag manager course in new delhi

Tag Manager and Webmaster Training in New Delhi

Course Title: Tag Manager and Webmaster Training

Module 1: Introduction to Tag Manager and Webmaster Tools

  • Understanding the role and importance of Tag Manager and Webmaster Tools
  • Overview of Google Tag Manager and its features
  • Overview of Google Search Console and its features
  • Navigating the interfaces of Tag Manager and Webmaster Tools

Module 2: Setting Up and Configuring Google Tag Manager

  • Creating a Google Tag Manager account and container
  • Installing the Tag Manager container code on a website
  • Configuring tags, triggers, and variables in Tag Manager
  • Verifying and publishing the Tag Manager container

Module 3: Managing Tags with Google Tag Manager

  • Understanding different types of tags (e.g., Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel)
  • Implementing basic tracking tags with Tag Manager
  • Configuring advanced tags, such as conversion tracking and remarketing tags
  • Testing and troubleshooting tags using the Tag Manager preview mode

Module 4: Advanced Tag Manager Features

  • Utilizing variables and data layer in Tag Manager
  • Implementing cross-domain tracking and enhanced e-commerce tracking
  • Managing third-party tags and tag templates
  • Utilizing advanced tag firing rules and sequencing in Tag Manager

Module 5: Introduction to Google Search Console

  • Understanding the purpose and benefits of Google Search Console
  • Verifying website ownership in Search Console
  • Navigating the Search Console dashboard and reports
  • Overview of search performance, indexing, and crawl data in Search Console

Module 6: Website Indexing and Crawling

  • Configuring website crawl settings and sitemaps in Search Console
  • Monitoring website indexing status and resolving indexability issues
  • Analyzing crawl errors and fixing broken links and redirects
  • Managing robots.txt and handling URL parameters in Search Console

Module 7: Search Performance Analysis with Search Console

  • Analyzing search queries and impressions data in Search Console
  • Evaluating website performance in search results (e.g., clicks, CTR, average position)
  • Utilizing search analytics reports for keyword research and optimization
  • Monitoring and resolving website penalties and manual actions

Module 8: Enhancing Website Visibility with Search Console

  • Utilizing the URL Inspection tool for individual page analysis
  • Optimizing website content and meta tags for better search visibility
  • Utilizing structured data and rich snippets for enhanced search results
  • Managing sitelinks, breadcrumbs, and other search appearance features

Module 9: Mobile and International SEO with Search Console

  • Understanding the importance of mobile optimization for search rankings
  • Analyzing mobile usability and performance in Search Console
  • Implementing mobile-specific optimizations and responsive design
  • Managing international SEO and hreflang tags for multilingual websites

Module 10: Monitoring and Reporting with Tag Manager and Search Console

  • Utilizing Tag Manager and Search Console for ongoing monitoring and reporting
  • Creating custom reports and dashboards in Tag Manager and Search Console
  • Integrating Tag Manager and Search Console with other analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics)
  • Discussing emerging trends and future developments in Tag Manager and Webmaster Tools
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