Website Creation Static and Dynamic in New Delhi

Course Title: Website Creation – Static and Dynamic on WordPress

Module 1: Introduction to Website Creation

  • Understanding the basics of website creation and its importance
  • Differentiating between static and dynamic websites
  • Exploring the benefits and use cases of static and dynamic websites
  • Introduction to WordPress as a website creation platform

Module 2: Planning and Preparing for Website Creation

  • Identifying website goals and defining target audience
  • Conducting market research and competitor analysis
  • Planning website structure and navigation
  • Gathering necessary content and resources for website creation

Module 3: Introduction to Static Websites

  • Understanding the concept and characteristics of static websites
  • Exploring HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for static website development
  • Overview of static website generators (e.g., Jekyll, Hugo)
  • Choosing a suitable static website generator for your project

Module 4: Setting Up a Static Website on WordPress

  • Installing WordPress on a local development environment
  • Exploring static website themes and templates in the WordPress ecosystem
  • Configuring essential settings for a static website on WordPress
  • Customizing the website’s appearance and layout

Module 5: Creating Content for a Static Website

  • Structuring and organizing content for static web pages
  • Creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for website components
  • Optimizing content for search engines and user experience
  • Implementing responsive design for mobile devices

Module 6: Introduction to Dynamic Websites

  • Understanding the concept and characteristics of dynamic websites
  • Exploring PHP and MySQL for dynamic website development
  • Overview of content management systems (CMS) and WordPress as a dynamic website platform
  • Comparing static and dynamic website workflows and benefits

Module 7: Setting Up a Dynamic Website on WordPress

  • Installing WordPress on a web hosting server
  • Configuring database connections and essential settings
  • Choosing a dynamic website theme or template for WordPress
  • Customizing the website’s appearance and layout using dynamic elements

Module 8: Creating and Managing Dynamic Content

  • Understanding the role of dynamic content in WordPress websites
  • Creating and managing posts, pages, and custom post types
  • Configuring taxonomies and categories for content organization
  • Implementing dynamic menus, sidebars, and widgets

Module 9: Extending Functionality with Plugins and Customization

  • Exploring the vast plugin ecosystem for WordPress
  • Installing and configuring plugins for enhanced functionality
  • Customizing website features through theme customization and child themes
  • Implementing custom code and functionality using hooks and filters

Module 10: Website Optimization and Maintenance

  • Implementing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques for better visibility
  • Optimizing website performance and loading speed
  • Backing up and securing a WordPress website
  • Regular maintenance and updates for a stable and secure website
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