Advance Adobe After Effect Course

Module 1: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

  • Overview of Adobe After Effects and its role in motion graphics and visual effects
  • Understanding the After Effects interface and workspace
  • Exploring different panels and tools in After Effects
  • Navigating and zooming in/out of compositions
  • Importing and organizing assets in the Project panel
  • Introduction to keyframes and animation concepts

Module 2: Working with Layers and Compositions

  • Creating and managing compositions in After Effects
  • Understanding layers and their properties
  • Working with pre-comps and nested compositions
  • Applying and adjusting transformations to layers
  • Exploring blending modes and opacity settings
  • Using adjustment layers for global effects

Module 3: Animation and Keyframing

  • Animating properties using keyframes
  • Understanding different types of keyframes (e.g., linear, bezier)
  • Using the Graph Editor for precise animation control
  • Applying easing and motion blur for smooth animation
  • Working with the Puppet tool for character animation
  • Exploring the expressions and automation in After Effects

Module 4: Working with Effects and Presets

  • Applying and adjusting visual effects to layers
  • Exploring the Effects & Presets panel
  • Using the Animation Presets for quick and easy animations
  • Applying and customizing text and shape effects
  • Working with adjustment effects for color correction and grading
  • Creating and saving custom effects and presets

Module 5: Working with Masks and Mattes

  • Understanding masks and their applications in After Effects
  • Creating and modifying masks using shape tools and pen tool
  • Applying masks to layers for selective visibility and effects
  • Using track mattes for complex compositing
  • Working with alpha channels and transparency
  • Exploring the Roto Brush tool for advanced masking

Module 6: 3D Animation and Camera Tools

  • Working in 3D space in After Effects
  • Creating and animating 3D layers
  • Understanding the Camera tool and its properties
  • Creating and animating cameras for dynamic shots
  • Applying depth of field and other camera effects
  • Exploring 3D plugins and resources

Module 7: Motion Tracking and Stabilization

  • Understanding motion tracking and its applications
  • Tracking motion using the built-in tracker in After Effects
  • Applying tracking data to layers and effects
  • Stabilizing shaky footage using the Warp Stabilizer
  • Working with 3D camera tracking for advanced compositing
  • Exploring third-party tracking plugins and techniques

Module 8: Rendering and Output

  • Understanding the rendering process in After Effects
  • Adjusting composition settings for final output
  • Rendering and exporting projects in different formats
  • Optimizing render settings for quality and file size
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder for batch rendering
  • Collaborating with other Adobe applications for post-production workflows
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