Advance Adobe InDesign Course in New Delhi

Module 1: Introduction to Adobe InDesign

  • Overview of Adobe InDesign and its role in desktop publishing
  • Understanding the InDesign interface and workspace
  • Exploring different tools and panels in InDesign
  • Navigating and zooming in/out of documents
  • Working with document presets and page setup
  • Introduction to layout design principles

Module 2: Working with Text and Typography

  • Adding and formatting text in InDesign
  • Creating and managing text frames
  • Applying character and paragraph formatting options
  • Working with styles and presets for efficient typography
  • Using the Glyphs panel for special characters and symbols
  • Creating and managing threaded text frames

Module 3: Working with Images and Graphics

  • Importing and placing images in InDesign documents
  • Understanding image formats and resolution for print and digital output
  • Adjusting and manipulating images within frames
  • Working with clipping paths and transparency for image effects
  • Creating and editing vector graphics in InDesign
  • Using libraries and linking images for efficient workflow

Module 4: Layout Design and Page Elements

  • Designing layouts with grids and guides
  • Arranging and aligning objects on the page
  • Working with frames and shape tools for design elements
  • Creating and managing master pages for consistent layout elements
  • Using layers for efficient design organization
  • Exploring the Color panel and swatches for consistent color usage

Module 5: Working with Styles and Templates

  • Creating and applying paragraph and character styles
  • Managing and updating styles for consistent design elements
  • Using object styles for quick formatting and consistency
  • Creating and utilizing templates for efficient document creation
  • Applying pre-defined styles and templates to new projects
  • Understanding and utilizing the Content Collector and Content Placer tools

Module 6: Interactive Documents and Digital Publishing

  • Creating interactive elements in InDesign documents
  • Adding hyperlinks, bookmarks, and cross-references
  • Creating interactive buttons and forms
  • Exporting documents as interactive PDFs
  • Designing documents for digital publishing platforms
  • Exploring alternative layouts and liquid layouts for responsive design

Module 7: Advanced Layout Techniques

  • Working with tables for organizing and presenting data
  • Applying advanced text and object formatting techniques
  • Working with layers and advanced layer management
  • Using libraries and snippets for efficient design reuse
  • Creating and using text variables for dynamic content
  • Utilizing advanced design techniques for complex layouts

Module 8: Preparing and Exporting for Print and Digital

  • Understanding print production and file preparation
  • Working with bleed, crop marks, and color management
  • Exporting documents as PDFs for print and digital output
  • Optimizing documents for web and mobile devices
  • Exploring different digital publishing formats (e.g., EPUB)
  • Collaborating with printers and service providers
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