Advanced Adobe Illustrator Course in New Delhi

Module 1: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

  • Overview of Adobe Illustrator and its role in vector-based graphic design
  • Understanding the Illustrator interface and workspace
  • Exploring different tools and panels in Illustrator
  • Navigating and zooming in/out of artwork
  • Working with artboards and multiple documents
  • Introduction to vector graphics and their advantages

Module 2: Creating and Editing Shapes

  • Creating basic shapes using the Shape Tools
  • Modifying and transforming shapes with the Selection and Direct Selection tools
  • Using the Pen tool for creating custom shapes and paths
  • Applying fills and strokes to shapes
  • Understanding the Pathfinder tools for combining and modifying shapes
  • Working with the Shape Builder tool for interactive shape editing

Module 3: Working with Colors and Gradients

  • Applying and managing colors in Illustrator
  • Understanding the Color panel and Swatches panel
  • Creating and saving custom color swatches
  • Applying gradients to objects and text
  • Using the Gradient panel and Gradient Tool for gradient adjustments
  • Creating and editing color harmonies with the Color Guide panel

Module 4: Working with Text

  • Adding and formatting text in Illustrator
  • Exploring character and paragraph formatting options
  • Applying text effects such as drop shadows, outlines, and distortions
  • Creating and editing text on a path
  • Utilizing the Glyphs panel for special characters and symbols
  • Converting text to outlines for custom typography effects

Module 5: Working with Layers and Artboards

  • Understanding layer management in Illustrator
  • Creating and organizing layers for efficient artwork organization
  • Utilizing layer opacity and blending modes
  • Working with layer masks for non-destructive editing
  • Managing artwork with artboards
  • Creating multiple artboards for different design variations

Module 6: Drawing and Painting Techniques

  • Exploring the drawing tools in Illustrator
  • Creating freeform shapes with the Pencil and Blob Brush tools
  • Using the Brush tool for digital painting and creating custom brushes
  • Applying and editing brush strokes with the Stroke panel
  • Utilizing the Paintbrush tool for calligraphy and artistic effects
  • Creating and editing custom patterns with the Pattern tool

Module 7: Working with Symbols and Effects

  • Understanding symbols and their applications in Illustrator
  • Creating and using symbol libraries for reusable design elements
  • Applying and editing live effects for dynamic artwork
  • Using the Appearance panel for adding multiple effects to objects
  • Applying 3D effects and transformations to artwork
  • Exploring the Distort and Transform tools for creative distortions

Module 8: Advanced Techniques and Workflow

  • Working with the Shape Builder and Pathfinder tools for complex shapes
  • Creating and editing compound paths and shapes
  • Using the Clipping Mask and Opacity Mask for creative masking effects
  • Creating custom graphic styles and presets for efficient design workflows
  • Utilizing the Blend tool for creating smooth transitions and patterns
  • Integrating Illustrator with other Adobe applications for seamless workflows
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