Animation & Motion Graphic Course in Delhi

Animation & Motion Graphics Training Module

Module 1: Introduction to 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

Lesson 1: Overview of 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

– Definition and purpose of 2D animation and motion graphics

– Types of 2D animation
– Principles of animation
– Benefits of using 2D animation and motion graphics

Lesson 2: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

– Introduction to the Photoshop interface
– Working with layers
– Working with tools
– Creating and using shapes
– Applying filters and effects
– Working with selections

Lesson 3: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

– Introduction to the After Effects interface
– Working with layers
– Working with effects and animation
– Working with shape layers
– Working with parents and puppet tools
– Working with 3D layers

Lesson 4: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

– Introduction to the Premiere Pro interface
– Working with timelines
– Working with effects
– Working with transitions
– Working with titles

Lesson 5: Introduction to Adobe Animate CC

– Introduction to the Animate CC interface
– Working with the Timeline
– Working with objects
– Working with Effects and Animation
– Working with Symbols
– Working with Rigging and Characters
– Exporting to Video

Module 2: Creative Techniques in 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

Lesson 1: Creative Ideas for 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

– Brainstorming and storyboarding ideas
– Developing a concept and aesthetic direction
– Crafting story arcs and pacing
– Designing characters
– How to create captivating motion graphics

Lesson 2: Animation in Photoshop

– Working with vectors
– Working with masks
– Animating with transformations
– Rendering animation

Lesson 3: Animation in After Effects

– Working with keyframes
– Working with expressions
– Animating cameras
– Animating 3D layers
– Working with particles
– Working with Masks

Lesson 4: Motion Graphics in Premiere Pro

– Working with motion effects and adjustment layers
– Adding motion graphics to video
– Working with layers
– Working with text

Lesson 5: Animation in Animate CC

– Creating a project in Animate CC
– Using the Timeline to create animation
– Creating symbols
– Working with character rigging
– Creating interactive projects
– Working with audio
– Rendering and exporting animation

Module 3: Business Applications of 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

Lesson 1: Career Opportunities in 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

– Overview of available job roles and industries
– Applying for jobs in the field
– Requirements for freelancing

Lesson 2: Designing for Clients

– Understanding the client’s needs
– Creating a brief for the project
– Setting the budget and timetable for the project
– Doing research into the target audience

Lesson 3: Producing Professional Work

– The importance of branding in professional work
– Managing client communication
– Quality assurance and testing
– Submitting work and gathering feedback

Module 4: Advanced Techniques in 2D Animation and Motion Graphics

Lesson 1: Intermediate Photoshop Techniques

– Advanced masking techniques
– Compositing animation
– Working with 3D elements
– Integration of raster and vector elements

Lesson 2: Intermediate After Effects Techniques

– Advanced keyframing techniques
– Animation principles in After Effects
– Working with the Puppet Tool
– Working with expressions
– Procedural animation techniques
– Working with physics

Lesson 3: Intermediate Premiere Pro Techniques

– Working with Subclips
– Color Correction and Grading
– Motion Tracking
– Integration of footage and animation
– Working with audio

Lesson 4: Intermediate Animate CC Techniques

– Advanced character rigging
– Working with components
– Working with transparencies
– Working with advanced timeline functions
– Integration of video and animations
– Scripting with JavaScript
– Working with motion paths

Module 5: 2D Animation and Motion Graphics Projects

Lesson 1: 2D Animation Projects

– Creating a 2D animation project
– Developing the concept and characters
– Storyboarding
– Creating a timeline
– Executing the project
– Rendering and exporting the animation

Lesson 2: Motion Graphics Projects

– Developing a concept and storyboard
– Creating and animating graphic elements
– Animating text and titles
– Compositing footage with animations
– Rendering and exporting the motion graphics

Lesson 3: Advanced Projects

– Developing an interactive project
– Integrating audio into animations
– Working with 2D motion paths and 3D cameras
– Creating a VR experience
– Working with importing and exporting scripts
– Applying motion graphics to video footage

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