Basic Computer Course

Course Name: Complete Computer Course

Course Duration: 3 Months

Fees: 1500/- Per Month

Course Outline:

Module 1: Understanding Computers

  • Overview of computer hardware and software
  • Introduction to different types of computers
  • Basic components of a computer system

Module 2: Operating Systems

  • Exploring MS Windows
  • Navigating through the desktop environment
  • Understanding file management and organization

Module 3: Microsoft Office Suite

  • Introduction to MS Word
    • Creating and formatting documents
    • Inserting tables, images, and hyperlinks
  • Excel Basics
    • Creating spreadsheets
    • Performing basic calculations and data analysis
  • PowerPoint Essentials
    • Designing presentations
    • Adding animations and transitions

Module 4: Internet Skills

  • Browsing the internet effectively
  • Using search engines to find information
  • Understanding website navigation and evaluation

Module 5: Email Management

  • Setting up and managing email accounts
  • Composing and sending emails
  • Organizing and managing email correspondence

Module 6: Peripheral Devices and Networking

  • Understanding scanning and printing processes
  • Basics of networking and file sharing
  • Troubleshooting common peripheral and network issues

Module 7: Software Management

  • Installing and uninstalling software applications
  • Updating and maintaining software for optimal performance
  • Best practices for software security and privacy
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