Dynamic Website Designing with CMS Training in New Delhi

wordpress course training in new delhi uttam nagar

Course Title: Dynamic Website Designing with CMS Training

Module 1: Introduction to Dynamic Website Design

  • Understanding the basics of dynamic website design and its importance
  • Exploring the differences between static and dynamic websites
  • Overview of different CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
  • Introduction to the roles and responsibilities of a dynamic web designer

Module 2: Introduction to Photoshop for Web Design

  • Understanding the role of Photoshop in web design
  • Introduction to Photoshop tools and interface for web design
  • Designing website layouts, wireframes, and mockups
  • Creating and optimizing web graphics and images

Module 3: HTML and CSS Recap

  • Reviewing HTML and CSS fundamentals for dynamic website design
  • Understanding the structure and syntax of HTML markup
  • Applying CSS styles to HTML elements for enhanced design
  • Utilizing responsive design techniques for dynamic websites

Module 4: Introduction to Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Understanding the role of CMS in dynamic website development
  • Overview of popular CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla)
  • Exploring the features and benefits of CMS for dynamic websites
  • Choosing the right CMS based on project requirements

Module 5: WordPress Website Development

  • Installing and setting up WordPress for dynamic website development
  • Customizing WordPress themes and templates
  • Creating dynamic website pages and managing content in WordPress
  • Utilizing plugins for extended functionality and interactivity

Module 6: Drupal Website Development

  • Installing and setting up Drupal for dynamic website development
  • Building custom content types and managing fields in Drupal
  • Creating dynamic website pages using Drupal’s templating system
  • Extending Drupal’s functionality with modules and integrations

Module 7: Joomla Website Development

  • Installing and setting up Joomla for dynamic website development
  • Building dynamic website pages using Joomla’s content management features
  • Creating custom modules and components in Joomla
  • Leveraging Joomla’s extensions for enhanced functionality

Module 8: Database Integration and Dynamic Content

  • Understanding the role of databases in dynamic website design
  • Connecting CMS platforms with databases for dynamic content storage
  • Implementing database queries to display dynamic content
  • Incorporating dynamic elements, such as user-generated content and forms

Module 9: Advanced Functionality and Interactivity

  • Implementing advanced functionality in dynamic websites
  • Incorporating e-commerce features and payment gateways
  • Adding social media integration and sharing functionality
  • Utilizing APIs and third-party services for extended functionality

Module 10: Website Deployment and Maintenance

  • Uploading and publishing a dynamic website to a web server
  • Testing and troubleshooting website functionality
  • Website maintenance best practices (e.g., updates, backups)
  • Overview of web hosting options and domain management
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